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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  January 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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kidnapping cardinez. police say rodriguez snatched the 4-year-old boy from his grandmother's arm in january. a witness reported seeing the suspect's vehicle go into the canal the evening he was taken. the water level had to be lowered before it was safe enough for divers to go in. the sheriff's department is working with commercial divers who have come from fresno to do this. they have a two-hour window to work with before water starts to rise. >> so, challenges are the water, 42 degrees. the strength and current of the water. zero visibility, all of those challenges factors make this dive very complex and very dangerous, but again, this is a team that dives, does commercial dive operations throughout the state of california.
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>> reporter: police do not know if giuliani or rodriguez are inside the car. they will not know until the car is pulled up from the water. the family has been notified about the discovery and a victim's advocate is with them now. if they are unable to get that car out within the two-hour period, it is likely they will wait until tomorrow to try again, but the sheriff did tell us it was the diver's decision. they will decide whether they are able to go in again tonight. >> thank you. just to clarify, there is an hour window left now. in the interim, the mother of the suspect lives in san jose. spoke with nbc this afternoon after learning that the car had been found. >> file like it's a good sign.
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if there's no bodies in the car, i feel like it's a good sign, you know? and i have to keep up the faith and hope, you know? that they're alive. >> she says her son adored the 4-year-old and treated him as his own son. she is convinced that rodriguez would not hurt the boy. our coverage will continue at 6:00. >> and now to the latest on the investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion. the question tonight is where are pg&e's pipeline pressure records? new tonight at 5:00, mary ann favro is here with us with a simple question they can't seem to answer. >> according to bay area congresswoman, pg&e's president told her the company can't find documents for nearly a third of its pipeline. investigators are trying to learn more about what caused the
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pepi line explosion in san bruno, september 9th, that killed eight people. cisswgres anom,he congresswoma visited the lab in washingtom, d.c. these are exclusive photos showing a section of pipeline under scrutiny. spears said she could see the shoddy we would. >> i was appalled at what i saw. you could see how incomplete the wells were. >> reporter: she contacted chris johns about the well and whether the company has manufacturing and insulation document on its pipelines. >> it's very troublesome. he concurred that in fact, they do not have documentation for about 30%. >> reporter: a spokesman issued this statement. we are concerned about the issue with our orders and take it
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seriously. to confirm the quality of our data, we are managing the process across pg&e's system as part of our ongoing commitment. pg&e says it will comply with that deadline, but many are wondering if thein shoddy workmanship on this piece of pipeline was repeated over and over, possibly putting more people at risk. the california public utilities commission has ordered pg&e to produce reliable records for the company's lines by march 15th. now, if no reliable records can be found, pg&e may be forced to shut down the pipelines for days to run tests to detect weaknesses. >> thank you. farewell to those human toll takers on the golden gate bridge. the bridge board of directors has approved the first all electric toll system in the bay area. 32 toll takers will lose their
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jobs in september 2012 when the bridge sitswitches to an all electric system. it will save $16 million over the next decade. toll collectors say it's losing something priceless as well. >> our families, we love them and they love us just the same. we know customers by names. we've watched their kids grow. >> when the plan takes effect, commuters will pay using fast track. a coalition of minority groups is protesting the san jose city managers's choice for top cop. people acting in communities together question the approval of chris moore. city manager deborah has not announced her choice, but a choice confirmed yesterday that moore was chosen over oakland's top cop anthony bass. moore l had risen through the
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ranks for 26 years. they are concerned about racial profiling. george has more in reaction to the story at 6:00. happening right now, there is rage and chaos in the street of egypt tonight. the country's military has now moved in to control tens of thousands of violent protesters. the country is now under a nighttime curfew and communications blackout. scott budman has developments and this is having ripple effects around much of the world. >> it really is. we are told the smell of tear gas now present over cairo in demonstrations unlike they've seen in decades. fire and smoke blanketing streets as protesters took a violent turn this morning. while there is a nighttime curfew, still, large crowds still gathered on the streets. we've learned the ruling parties headquarters was set on fire.
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demonstrators lashing out against the almost 30 years of rule against the president. the country's president appeared on television today asking his cabinet to resign. he says he will press ahead with political and social reforms and defended the crackdown on protesters. some police officers taking the time to strip off their uniform and join in the protest. egypt is considered a major ally of the united states and the president today called upon the president to address the situation immediately. >> what's needed are concrete steps that advance the rights of the egyptian people. and a path of political change that leads to future of greater freedom and greater opportunity and justice for the egyptian people. >> nearly all internet traffic into egypt was cut off and some cell phone networks were disrupted. it's being called one of the largest blackouts of its kind.
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in recent days, egyptian authorities have been disrupting facebook. a spoke person says they have seen a drop in traffic. all fights suspended out of cairo and some carriers have canceled flights into the country. >> thank you, scott. police are looking for a suspect wanted in connection with multiple kidnapping attempts. the first was near everglades drive on monday just after 3:00. police say the man attempted to talk to two students and the man asked them to get in the car. the students walked away. less than 20 minutes later, the man tried to get another student into the car. this time, grabbing the suspect. the suspect then pulled down his pants, exposing himself to the student. then a third attempt made on tuesday near olympic drive. the suspect is described as an
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asian man, 30 to 35 years old driving a red chevrolet blazer. 25 years ago, the nation watched in horror as the space shuttle "challenger" exploded just after liftoff. >> today, the 45-minute ceremony honored the seven killed that day, including a woman who would have been the first teacher in space. >> reporter: lift off -- lift off of the space shuttle mission. >> reporter: a mission that would shake a nation. >> a minute and 15 seconds. >> reporter: the horror caused by a leak in the rear of the right solid rocket booster. the memorial today fueled by a promise to never let their memory fade. dozens of learning centers across the country serve as a
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lasting legacy. >> challenger center students will be there and ready to accept the challenge of space exploration. why? because we have whole planets to explore. and we have new worlds to build. >> reporter: of course, in today's age of youtube and facebook -- >> the future doesn't belong to the fainthearted. it belongs to the brave. >> reporter: we are gets flooded with responses to the anniversary, all recalling exactly where people were and how they felt. from those who mourned again today at the kennedy space center, a solemn pledge we'll never have to feel that way again. >> the legacy of those we have lost will be in a dedication to never repeat the mistakes and learn from those and learn to anticipate future problems that are yet unknown. tonight on nbc nightly news, more on how people are remembering the teacher poised
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to make history that day by becoming the first teacher in space. and that is one of those moments where you remember, where you were and exactly how you covered it. >> indeed. for weeks. still ahead here tonight at 5:00, lights, cameras, action. the hollywood stars coming to the bay area and they could use a little help. also, those agonizing hot flashes for women may not be all bad. why they may be more important than you think. the pentagon outlines the first steps with doing away with the don't ask don't tell policies. and more than 500 calls in five hours. what may have happened to overload the emergency dispatch center here in the bay area. good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. cold and foggy out here this afternoon. only 44 in concord, 54 in livermore and tonight, we'll be tracking not only the fog, but
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more cold air and big time changes for our weekend. we are tracking rainfall. we'll detail it for you coming up. yo
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palo alto is the emergency dispatch center needed a detective to find the source of hurrica hundreds of phantom calls this month. dispatchers would answer and no one was there. more than 560, threatening to crowd out real emergencies. the culprit was not a person, but a case of troubled technology. the calls were traced to a verizon cell phone tower and then tracked to a mobile device, the kind installed in ford vehicles, which calls 911 if ths
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a crash. the problem has been solved, but why is device went haywire has not been answered. the military's about to embark on a new training program. >> it's going to be months, but the process has begun. kristen dahlgren has the developments from washington. >> reporter: at the pentagon today, military officials laid out their plan. >> the first step, changing policies. the second step, training changes, then the training of the actual force. >> reporter: while service members will no longer be discharged, there are other things that won't change. there will still be no medical, travel or housing benefits for same-sex partners. as for how long implementation will take, that's still uncertain. >> when you're dealing with 2.5
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million people and a new policy -- >> reporter: the repeal will take effect 60 days after president obama, the defense secretary and joint chief chairman certify the military is ready. those who have fought don't ask don't tell say this should be soon. even those in charge admit ksh. >> here's where we are, the law is doing a thing and we are obligated to that law. >> reporter: meaning we could still see discharges before we see gay service members allowed to serve openly. topping our health watch, men pause sal women inconve inconvenienced by hot flashes found that those who reported the most had a significantly lower risk for breast cancer.
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in fact, those with the most severe symptoms had a 50% reduce in the disease. they have the learn the reasons why and use that information to prevent the disease. okay, let's talk about the rain and the lack of it. the snow pack is still above average. the state department of water resources made the second of five snow surveys today at echo summit. once the samples were taken, the water content was found to be at 125% of average. it's good news, but down from the 190% of normal. so, jeff has been saying over and over again that he wants us to have more rain. >> yes and today felt like it might snow around here. >> it was dreary. >> that's right. these changes coming on will be heading into the weekend and it
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really is a tribute to this la nina pattern giving us these extremes. and now, 15 days without rainfall. pretty remarkable when you think about it here in january. big time changes today with that fog really settling into the bay area. from oakland, 70 degrees on tuesday to 50 today. concord, from 65 on tuesday to only 46 at my last reading. that's because they've been sock nd with that fog. over all, we're running about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. our coldest spots inland, 44 in concord, 44 in livermore. low to mid-50s from sunnyvale to san francisco. weather headlines are going to show more areas of dense fog tonight. saturday, a chance of showers late and for sunday, a little
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bit of instability could produce an isolated thunderstorm. the recent pattern had all that activity pushing into canada, but late saturday and sunday, it's opening up quite well. tapping into a lot of moisture and as this storm gets closer, it's going to bring us a chance of rainfall late saturday and also for sunday. saturday looks like most everybody will see some sort of rainfall return. 8:00 a.m. saturday, we're dry with a cloud cover and the fog. by 6:00, just a hint here of the possibility of showers into the north bay. as we roll this into the morning hours on sunday, you can see little bit of yellow. that's the instability we'll see with the widespread areas of showers and rainfall. that will continue to sunday, the midday hours as well. looking for about a quarter inch and less for inland spots. not a large storm system. but we'll take anything at this point.
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meanwhile, 39 in gilroy. mid-30s for the north bay. another cold one with more areas of dense fog and tomorrow, going from those record setting highs to just 50s for our saturday, welcome back to being reality. 55 in dublin. 57 in livermore. 65 in san mateo. 54 in san francisco. even forecasting some upper 40s back here inland line concord -- hopefully you got to enjoy the sunshine in week. seven-day, chance of showers late saturday. lot of cloud coverlinging around saturday and the best chance of widespread scattered rainfall will be on sunday at this point with a chance of a thunderstorm. then the dry pattern. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, more sun. >> at least we're getting a little break from the sun.
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>> exactly. >> thank you. still ahead, calling all extras. details on how you can appear in a hollywood movie that will film soon here in the bay area. and an unusual picture taken during a snowstorm that's become an internet ensags. and the country's most famous sand bar gets a whole new look.
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while the piano may be gone, but now, that famous sand bar didn't stay empty for long. another prankster stepped in with a table set for two and a chef standing by. the piano was removed yesterday by the man whose son wanted it rescued, but the department of resources has lost its sense of humor. it quickly removed the furniture and has gotten the word out that
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decorating sand bars is against the law. who knows why an image goes viral? something just captured the imagination. such as with this photo, snapped by "the washington post" photographer. with sleet wetting his shirt, this man clutches an ice cream cone like he's matt damon. the man is actually an attorney named zack burros. of the comments, one was during next august's heat wave, i hope to see a picture of mr. burros sprinting across the street holding a steaming bowl of chili. we're going to tell you about a hollywood movie coming to the bay area and how you can be a part of it.
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okay, hollywood fever about to break out in san francisco in more ways than one. a movie films in the city next month and like the name sounds, the thriller is about the spread of a deadly virus. while it may sound like a retread of the hot zone, the cast is definitely a-list. you've got jude law. there's kate winslet and matt damon. here's how you can be in the film as well. there's a casting call tomorrow at ft. mason from 2:00 to 6:00 and a second call sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> i'm practicing my lines.
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>> we're going to play frightened news people. >> we can do that. >> all right. "nightly news" coming up next. >> we'll see you at 6:00, bye bye. my second diagnosis--
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